Size Guide

Fitting Guide

1  You will need a measuring tape to measure your dog’s neck size.
If you do not have one, grab a rope to determine the size and measure the rope later.


2 Measure around the base of the neck, not too tight. You should be able to slide two fingers between measuring tape and your dog’s neck. Record the measurement.

3 Our collar are measure from A to B. We recommend to choose the our collar size where the neck size of your dog is between two measurements.


4 Additional punch can be customise (if require). We can add an extra hole before A. Please note us with your order.


5 If you could not find the size. please contact us for custom make service. Please note that, all custom make order, including extra hole, can not refund or exchange.


*Please note that our collar are hand-crafted, sizing may vary slightly.

Our Collar Size

Size Width Neck Size
Extra Small 1.2cm [1/2″] 20cm – 26cm [8″ -10″]
Extra Small – Folk Collection 1.6cm [3/4″] 20cm – 26cm [8″ -10″]
Small 1.6cm [3/4″] 26cm – 32cm [10″ – 12.5″]
Medium 2.0cm [5/6″] 32cm – 38cm [12.5″ – 15″]
Large 2.0cm [5/6″] 39cm – 45cm [15.5″ – 18″]
Extra Large 2.5cm [1″] 46cm – 52cm [18.5″ – 21″]
Double Extra Large 2.5cm [1″] 53cm – 59cm [21″ – 23.5″]

Our Lead Size

Size Width Lenght
Small 1.2 cm [1/2″] 110 cm [44″]
Medium 2.0cm [5/6″] 110 cm [44″]
Large 2.5cm [1″] 130 cm [52″]
Folk – one size 2.0cm [5/6″] 190 cm [76″]