Tips & Tricks: Courtesy to say hello to dogs we firstly met

SIT.STAND.STAY’s Tip & Trick: courtesy to say hello or to play with the dog we firstly meet.

1) The first thing to do is to ask dog owners permission.
2) We should let dog sniff our scent by reach out our fist to dog. By reach out in a fist is preventing dog to snapping our finger.
3) If dog does not smell that means he(she) is not ready to play or allow you to touch. Be more careful If you still want to catch a closer to them. Usually, he(she) will sniff and that mean he is ready to make friend with you. Be gentle to touch or greet them.

In dog world, they use nose to sniff in the greeting and getting to know each other. Just as we respect the handshake and say sawasdee.